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Honda H2O: Here, Australia, Have Some Car Water

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Honda H20

Mmm…car water.

If somebody told you to go suck on a tailpipe, chances are pretty good that you’re not going to take too kindly to the suggestion. Honda would like you to know that, were you to take their implied suggestion of sucking on the tailpipe of an FCX Clarity, all you’d end up with is some delicious water. Delicious tailpipe water, but delicious water nonetheless. To help get the point across, Honda filled movie theaters in Australia with bottles of Honda H2O because there is no better way to get people stoked about a car (which isn’t even actually available for lease in Australia) than to give them water implied as having been emitted from the tailpipe of a car.

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While the text on the bottles of Honda H2O admits that the contents are actually culled from some mountain spring, the video leans heavily on the suggestion that the water comes from the tailpipe of an FCX Clarity. It’s pretty genius marketing, really. Nothing says “check out this awesome car that isn’t in your market yet” quite like “here, suck down some water that came out of the butt of a car.”

Honda H2O

Pictured: deliciousness.

For all we know, it is entirely possible that the water emissions from a Honda FCX Clarity are totally safe for drinking. It is also entirely possible that Kevin Costner’s method of recycling his own pee from Waterworld results in a beverage that is both refreshing and a little fruity, but we’re not brave enough to try it for ourselves.

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Honda H2O could wind up in Honda showrooms and service departments around the country as part of the effort to drive conversation about hydrogen-powered vehicles such as the FCX Clarity and a potential production model based upon the gorgeous FCEV Concept.