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Honda Handmade Series Introduces Fit Kit for Hipsters (and April Fools)

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Hipsters love to make things by hand and drive fuel-efficient hatchbacks. Thus, the Fit Kit seems like it would be a natural choice.

Fit Kit Logo

Honda would like to apologize to any fans of the DC hardcore scene for upsetting them

Automakers are likely feeling some frustration in their attempts to capture the Generation Y zeitgeist, which is why we believe the Honda Handmade Series may not actually be the worst idea. After all, if there’s one thing that hipsters love, it’s doing things for themselves, so offering a DIY car for a reduced price may actually be an effective way to get people off of their fixies and into Hondas.

The video for The Honda Handmade Series, which is up over at Honda’s YouTube channel, features a number of facets of hipster culture including:

Trendy Loft (featuring fixie bike and fedora)

Hat and Bike

A bunch of crafting supplies

Fit Kit

A male protagonist wearing a flannel shirt and sporting an ironic moustache

Fit Kit


A lot of being enamored with your own profundity

Fit Kit

We also get a cameo from the Jeff Bezos Amazon drone.

Fit Kit

According to the ad, the Honda Fit DIY kit comes in the form of over 180,000 mechanical parts shipped directly to your door. According to the Fit Kit Beta website, the ideal Fit Kit owner “should be a tinkerer par excellence with a solid understanding of electronics to power up the Bluetooth® connectivity and leading industry safety features like LaneWatch™. Ideally, someone with a knack for propulsion to build the i-VTEC® engine and strong sense of interior design to lay out the 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space with the Honda-exclusive Magic Seat®.”

Honda Parts

The Honda Handmade Series and the Fit Kit are the only true way to be spiritually in touch with the vehicle you drive. Of course, if you just want to drive the 2015 Honda Fit without having to put it together yourself (poseur), then you can wait for the fine folks at the Celaya Assembly Plant to build them for you. You know, if having people do things for you is, like, your thing.