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Honda Releases More Video Updates on Serial One Project

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Honda Celebrates Automotive Heritage and History in the U.S. in New Online Series Launching on Social Media

Another month, another chance to see some of the progress Honda has made on its Serial One project…

For those of you who need a reminder, “Serial One” is the name of the video series documenting mechanic Tim Mings’ restoration of the very first Honda N600 sold in the United States, which carries the serial number N600- 1000001.

The series began in March and is still going strong. So far we’ve seen Mings remove dents and a fifty-year-old engine from the car, as well as apply a powder coating to the vehicle’s new body. Since then, Honda has released two more video updates worth checking out.

First up, the 1967 Honda N600’s new (though authentically period-appropriate) paint job. Take a look:

Using panels that hadn’t been touched by the sun, John C. was able to color-match the exact Honda Ceramic White exterior paint that the original N600 would have had, and recreate it for the Serial One car.

In the next video, we find out if the 100+ hours of work that Mings has put into restoring the engine will pay off. Check it out:

It’s alive! Despite being half a century old, the engine looks and sounds like it’s brand new—and no one could be more excited than Tim’s cat.

Cat from Honda Serial One video

Boy, that tabby looks familiar. Seems like we may have seen him in another Honda video recently…