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Honda Serial One Project Nears Completion [VIDEOS]

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Honda Celebrates Automotive Heritage and History in the U.S. in New Online Series Launching on Social Media

Way back in March of this year, auto mechanic Tim Mings began restoring the Honda N600 – 1000001—the very first Honda car in America. Eventually, the historic automobile will be displayed in Ohio’s Honda Heritage Center and Museum. Along the way, Honda has been documenting the restoration process in a documentary video series titled “Serial One.”

Over the past seven months, we’ve heard the story of how Mings came into possession of the N600, watched him work on the car’s engine and body, and give the car a new (but period-appropriate) paint job.

And the latest videos show that we’re now in the home stretch of the car’s restoration. In fact, the first video is about how Mings is currently “tying up the loose ends.”

Take a look:

This video ends with a real teaser, as Mings offers to “fire it up,” and then the clip ends right before we get to hear the actual engine noise.

A second video, set at the American Honda Collection Hall in the Honda Heritage Center and Museum, is a bit more satisfying. It’s also an interesting and informative look at the history of the N600 and the Honda company in general.

Check it out:

When Mings’ work on the original Honda N600 is finished, it will join the other milestone vehicles on display in the American Honda Collection Hall in Marysville, Ohio. It should be fascinating to finally see (and, one hopes, hear) how the finished product turns out.