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Honda Wind Turbines at Ohio Plant to Reduce Emissions

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Honda is building wind tribunes to help reduce emissions.

Honda is building wind turbines to help reduce emissions.

In continuing their quest to reduce CO2 emissions, Honda Transmissions Manufacturing of America has announced that it has finalized installation and will commence operation of two wind turbines at the Russells Point, Ohio transmission plant. The Honda wind turbines venture is the product of an agreement with a subsidiary of ConEdison Solutions of Valhalla, New York.

The addition of wind turbines to the plant means that it will become America’s first major automotive manufacturing facility to benefit directly from electricity generated by on-site wind turbines.  The goal, in keeping with Honda’s on-going mission, is to drastically reduce the plant’s carbon footprint.

Honda Transmission-sponsored studies show that wind-generated power is both cost-efficient and non-harmful to the local ecosystem.  The two Honda wind turbines will provide the Russells Point plant with approximately 10 percent of its electricity, with an estimated annual combined output of 10,000 megawatt hours.

“We appreciate the support we have received from the township and our neighbors throughout all phases of the project that will help Honda work toward our goal of reducing CO2 emissions,” said Gary Hand, Vice President of Honda Transmission, in a Thursday press release. “This is just one of many ways that Honda is seeking to reduce our environmental footprint.”

Honda has voluntarily set benchmarks for its products and manufacturing operations to reduce their eco impact by the year 2020, including a 30 percent drop in CO2 emissions from Honda products and a considerable drop in emissions from its production plant.  The Juhl Energy Inc.-developed Honda wind turbines—which stand on 260-foot towers and use 160-foot-long blades to create energy—are the next natural step in a long list of initiatives and innovations.

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