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Hot Wheels Promotes New Justice League Cars in Charming Stop-Motion Video

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Hot Wheels DC Justice League Warner Bros commercial car toys

Many boys’ childhoods can be boiled down to two things: cars and superheroes. When these two things combine, it’s like Christmas morning all over again.

Recently, die-cast replica creator Hot Wheels has unveiled its new lineup of themed cars to promote the upcoming live-action DC Comics movie, Justice League. To advertise this new collection, La Di Da Films crafted a creative homage to our childhoods in the form of a stop-motion commercial.

VIDEO: Watch These Heroic DC Hot Wheels Cars Come to Life

This uniquely-designed lineup of die-cast character cars includes Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. (That Aquaman one is particularly odd-looking, but then again, he’s always been the black sheep).

The stop-motion video was created by production company La Di Da Films in collaboration with Warner Brothers. Using painstaking techniques to depict the vehicles moving in a sequence of still images, director Adam Blake Carver and a team of film and set technicians took an old-school visual approach, complete with textured rubble, clouds, and lasers. It’s a much more appealing visual style over the dark, high-budget chaos the live action movies have been.

It’s enriching to see Warner Brothers and Hot Wheels remember what made these toys and super-powered characters appealing in the first place.