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Household Items Suited to Clean, Organize Your Car

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If you’re faced with a car-cleaning emergency or just want to get organized RIGHT NOW and have zero time to run out to buy products made specifically for your auto, look to what you already have lurking in your cabinets, on your recycle pile, in your desk drawer, and even in your bathroom to quickly and cleverly solve your car woes.

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If your chrome accents and your hubcaps could use a polish, forget about chrome cleaner. According to Real Simple, a cotton cloth dabbed with a bit of baby oil will do the trick.

The cardboard drink carrier that held your favorite brew, coffee, or soda that’s sitting on your pile to recycle can find new life as a car caddy, according to Real Simple. Each section can be filled with on-the-go essentials such as tissues, snacks, and hand wipes. To keep your little passengers entertained, you could even fill the compartments with toys.

If your glove box is in danger of popping open every time you hit the brakes due to its overflowing mess, Real Simple suggests using an accordion folder to tame its contents. Maps, manuals, car insurance cards, and registration paperwork will be neatly stored, and you’ll be able to easily access what you need.

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Although your dog doesn’t mean to make a mess of your car, he inevitably will. To combat the fur, dirt, and other messes your beloved dog leaves behind, Real Simple suggests using a bath mat as a cover for your seats. It will stay in place due to the rubber backing, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the trunk when Fido isn’t along for the ride.

News Source: Real Simple