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How to Make Your Car Green with Eco-Consciousness

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Drivers demand a lot from their vehicles–awesome performance, a dependable ride, and a driving experience that is both fun and safe. And that’s a lot to ask of any machine, especially if drivers are not doing their due diligence to make their ride as efficient as possible.

A vehicle that operates at its highest level of efficiency is not only a vehicle that drivers can trust, it’s also a vehicle that is a smidge better for the Earth, and let’s face it, the Earth needs all the help it can get.

Plus, because an efficient vehicle produces less greenhouse gas emissions, it can save you money according to writer Brent Minderler.

To make your car a bit greener, Minderler advises investing in routine tune-ups.

“A regular tune-up can greatly improve your car’s efficiency and gas mileage, even by as much as 40 percent if an oxygen sensor needs changing,” said Minderler.

Pay attention to your tires at least once a month and definitely when the weather shifts, advises Minderler because “flatter tires add rolling resistance, making car weight less bearable so the engine has to work harder.”

If you want your engine to run efficiently no matter what the open road demands of it, Minderler suggests you get your emissions system as well as your fuel system reviewed by a professional.

“Change the fuel filter every two years and have the fuel injectors flushed every 30,000 miles. By having regular checks done to make sure your fuel system is in good working order, you will have a greener car that also saves you money at the pump,” said Minderler.

Minderler suggests using a reusable air filter if you and your vehicle are  in it together for the long haul; if not, disposable air filters should be checked often and replaced immediately at any sign of damage.

Temperature is important to monitor, too; Minderler recommends having the air conditioning reviewed yearly and keep an eye on how your cooling system is working.

De-cluttering your car is not only good for your peace of mind; it also helps your car work well. According to Minderler, any extra weight will put undue strain on your engine.

At the pump, Minderler strongly recommends when the pump stops, you stop filling your gas tank.

“Topping off can release harmful gas vapors into the atmosphere and adds extra unnecessary fuel into the tank, which needs space so the gasoline can expand. Also, spilled fuel is flammable,” said Minderler.

Driving smarter can increase your greenness, too; Minderler cautions against aggressive driving, abrupt braking and pedal to the metal tendencies as well as extreme idling so that your car can drive up to its efficiency and green potential.

News Source: YourMechanic