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How to Plan a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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Family Road Trip

Have a fun road trip with the entire family!

Labor Day is here again. This September holiday is a great time to take the whole family for a trip. Whether its down to the beach to finish off summer with a bang, or to a relative’s house for a cookout, Labor Day activities are some of the most fun during the entire year!

However, the car trips to get to your Labor Day destination can end up taking a long time. Hours pass driving down the highway. This can be exhausting and boring, especially for children. So how do you keep kids engaged and prevent boredom from spreading?

You can make your own scavenger hunt, On long car trips, scavenger hunts are a fun way to make the time pass. They also get those brain juices flowing better than a movie or television program can.

In order to create a road-based scavenger hunt for Labor Day, or simply your next big trip, you will need to follow a few steps.

Develop a List of Items

If you are going to make a scavenger hunt, you need things to look for. Try to develop a list of items commonly found on the highway. Feel free to mix things up a bit too. If you’re driving near farmland, add horses or cows to the list. If you pass through a city, items like taxis are always a solid choice. The items on your list should reflect the environment around you to keep the players as engaged as possible.

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Cows make great scavenger hunt items

Don’t Make the Game Too Easy

If your list consists of only simple things like a car and a cloud, it won’t take long before the game is finished and the children sink back into boredom. In order to keep the game going, add a few challenging items to the list. Perhaps instead of listing a car as an item, choose a specific model of car or a unique color. Just make sure to maintain a balance between adding a little challenge to the game and making it too difficult.

Keep the Trip’s Length in Mind

Make sure that your list reflects the length of your trip. Don’t put too many things on the list for a shorter trip. On the other hand, if the trip is a long one, keep a healthy amount of items so that the game doesn’t end too quickly.

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The highway doesn’t have to be boring!

Make It a Team Effort

Families with more than one child can find ways to keep all of the kids engaged in the scavenger hunt. If you are worried that a competition will create arguments, a team effort is more applicable. The siblings can work together to find everything on the list. This will help keep the peace in the car.

Take a Break

Doing one thing for an extended period of time can wear anyone out, especially children. To avoid this scavenger hunt fatigue, make sure to take a break from the game once in a while. For young children, naps are a great way to recharge. Taking a lunch break in between sessions should help supply everyone with more energy before getting back into the game.

Teddy Bear

A Teddy Bear is a cuddly reward that won’t cause cavities!

Choose a Reward

In order to entice children to engage in the scavenger hunt, make sure to offer a reward. You may be tempted to offer them candy. However, sweets might not be the healthiest treat for children. Many rest stops offer little state-based knickknacks. Consider these as rewards instead, as they will not only be a healthier option, but also create longer-lasting memories of the trip.

Long trips don’t have to be boring. For your Labor Day road trip, consider creating your own scavenger hunt for the kids to help them enjoy the journey as much as the destination!