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How to Safely Transport Bikes

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Besides exploring new roads with your vehicle, biking provides an additional mode of transportation when you need a change of pace from driving. Here’s a brief overview of the different types of bike racks to determine which style will best suit your vehicle. We’ve also gathered some tips for safely transporting your bike.

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If you’re an avid cyclist, investing in a roof-mounted rack is probably best. The permanent nature of this design reduces the hassle of fastening it to your vehicle whenever you want to transport your bike somewhere. Because it mounts directly to the roof, you can still access your trunk. It also enables you to have maximum visibility when behind the wheel, since the bike isn’t obstructing any of your window surfaces.


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A major benefit of this design is that it attaches to your vehicle’s hitch. It can also carry multiple bikes and you can remove the rack from the hitch whenever you’re not using it. However, this rack does extend the overall length of your auto.


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If you have a car, a trunk-mounted bike rack is the way to go. This style has straps that fit over the vehicle’s trunk lid. It’s also easily-adjustable in case you switch between multiple vehicles on a regular basis. There are a couple of disadvantages with this style. For one thing, you won’t be able to use the trunk space while the rack is in place. Secondly, the straps are in direct contact with the exterior paint of your vehicle, which can cause mild wear.


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Safety tips

It’s a good idea to lock your bike to the rack, and lock the rack to your vehicle, to help prevent it from getting stolen. When it comes to driving, you’ll want to use extra caution when heading out on the road. Make sure the bike is securely strapped in to the rack system before you start driving. And, similarly to transporting a kayak, you’ll want to stop at regular intervals along the journey to make sure the bike is still fastened in place.



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