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Infographic: How to Secure a Christmas Tree to Your Vehicle

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We’re just two short weeks away from Christmas, which means that we are but a mere five weeks away from the start of the 2015 Christmas season. In any case, you’re going to be needing a Christmas tree–that is, if you haven’t already had yours ready to go since the middle of summer like some of your crazy neighbors might.

Getting a Christmas Tree to look good is a long process, and it all has to start somewhere. Before you can try to figure out how to stand it up, before you can argue over who gets to put the star on the top, and before you injure yourself by stepping barefoot onto a fresh blanket of pine needles, you’ll need to bring your Christmas Tree home from the lot.

It’s okay. You can groan out loud. No one will blame you.

While that might not seem like a whole lot of fun (and, really, it isn’t), it doesn’t necessarily have to be the hassle that it’s been made out to be. Just follow the eight handy tips listed on The News Wheel’s latest infographic, “How to Secure a Christmas Tree to Your Vehicle, and you should be ready to roll with Christmas spirit (and sanity) firmly intact.

Even better: these tips also work just fine for Christmas Tree disposal, if’n you’re a Bah Humbug.

How to Secure a Christmas Tree to Your Vehicle