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How to Sell your Old Car Using Listlux

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Volvo 124 Series selling old car on listlux

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, various sites similar to Craigslist have been developed with a sole purpose of offering a simple and easy user interface for online buyers and sellers. One such website is Listlux. Listlux offers many categories for selling, including one for cars and trucks. If you want to sell your old car on Listlux without any hassle, the following steps can help you:

What is Listlux?

Created with a similar idea as Craigslist, Listlux is a classified ad website. It offers an opportunity to post free as well as paid ads for the selling and purchasing of different kinds of products from all niches. It encompasses a wide range of listings which include services, home, community, housing, jobs, for-sale items, and gigs. Listlux offers a brilliant opportunity for anyone who wants to sell their stuff by exposing it to a large number of potential buyers. It has quite a simple user interface and listing can be done within minutes. Same is the case for buyers as they can easily access their favorite listings from a single, easy-to-use Listlux platform.

Selling your old car on Listlux

Since Listlux has an entire sub-category for cars and trucks which falls under the main category of “For Sale” listings, you can easily sell your car here without any hassle. The listing process comprises upon three simple steps and hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes. You get the opportunity to attract your own audience, set your own price, and sell your car in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Take and upload up to three pictures

Listlux allows you to upload up to three different pictures of your car. All you have to do is take good-quality pictures of your car from different angles and post them on Listlux by using a simple drag and drop method. Once you have uploaded the pictures in listlux, you can also shift the places of the pictures according to your preferences. Make sure that:

  • Pictures are taken from different angles.
  • Do not expose any valuable, personal, or private information in pictures.
  • Adding a picture of car key and control is a plus.

Add car description

After you upload the pictures, you will be directed to a description page. Here, you can add a description of the car, which usually encompasses the model and condition of the car. You can also add contact information so that the potential buyer can reach you.

Mention price

You can mention the price in the car ad description. The addition of price is important as it lets potential buyers know if your car is within their price range.

Once all these requirements have been fulfilled, you can post your listing. Listlux is getting more and more popular every day, so you have a good chance of selling your car to the right buyer.

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