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Hybrid Taxi Trend Continues to Thrive in Singapore

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Photo: Pixaline

Singapore has made steady progress towards it’s goal of incorporating more hybrid vehicles into its taxi fleet, as statistics from the Land Transport Authority indicate. Back in 2008, the city had no hybrid models; now, a total of 4,000 hybrid models comprise a substantial 17% of the fleet.

The primary benefit of a hybrid taxi model is that it drastically reduces emissions. Considering that taxis accumulate more than three times the mileage of an average passenger car, Singapore’s gradual incorporation of hybrid taxis is a substantial step towards cleaner air.

Walter Theseira, transport researcher with Singapore University of Social Sciences, testified to the superiority of hybrid taxis over diesel ones. “Scientific evidence suggests the pollution gap between diesel and petrol is large and may not narrow much in the real world. Hybrids which offer superior fuel economy fill the gap. Their durability has also been proven in fleet use across the world.”

singapore hybrid taxi

One of Singapore’s hybrid taxi models.
Photo: glitchFan2428

A side benefit of a hybrid taxi is that the owner doesn’t have to pay an annual diesel tax like they would on fuel-based models. Furthermore, Singapore residents who own a hybrid taxi qualify for a hefty tax rebate simply for having an eco-friendly vehicle.

The recently-passed Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) promises to reward hybrid car owners with a rebate, whose amount is based on the emission rating of their model. According to The Straits Times, electric vehicles are eligible for a $20,000 reimbursement. Although the revised amount of the rebate is $10k less from the previous year’s rebate amount, it’s still a noteworthy incentive for Singapore residents to opt for hybrid models.

We anticipate the continued success of this trend as hybrid vehicles grow in popularity, both in the transportation industry as well as in the personal vehicle sphere.

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