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Hyundai Discloses Plan to Turn Cars into Self-Fixing, Electric Hyper-Computers

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Hyundai plan cars self-fixing computers

According to announcements made by Hyundai Motor Company, the automaker has created a plan for creating “hyper-connected and intelligent cars.” These “high-performing computers on wheels,” as Hyundai refers to them, will be developed in collaboration with IT and networking companies from around the world.

As another part of this plan, Hyundai and its sister company Kia are working on expanding their use of eco-friendly technology in their vehicles. By 2020, both automakers hope to offer at least 26 hybrid, EV, or fuel cell automobiles. This would translate to 12 hybrids, 6 plug-in hybrids, 2 EVs, and 2 hydrogen vehicles.

Both endeavors are targeted at overtaking Toyota, which is a pioneer in hybrid and connected tech development.

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What is beginning as an effort to better connect its cars to smartphones is only the first step in Hyundai’s vision of “Car to Life connectivity”. This overarching roadmap sets the Korean automaker on the road to creating a Hyper-connected and Intelligent concept model. Key features being developed include:

  • ability to analyze and utilize driving and communication data
  • autonomous driving
  • remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues
  • intuitive traffic and mobility network monitoring

Hyundai’s R&D will focus on using cloud technology to collect the mass amounts of vehicle data and provide secure computing power.

As far as the eco-car market, the automaker hopes to quadruple its sales of such models in the next seven years. Hyundai recently unveiled three IONIQ models, which will join green-friendly versions of the Sonata, Tucson, and Grandeur in Korea–which all already exist. Based upon if sales of the IONIQ live up to the excitement surrounding them, we’ll see if there will be any detours on Hyundai’s “roadmap.”

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