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Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Prepares for US Debut

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Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

A Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
Photo courtesy of Bexi81

With hydrogen fuel cell vehicles positioning themselves to steal the spotlight away from all-electric vehicles, more car makers than ever before are bringing the hydrogen fuel cell technology to the United States. Hyundai is one of these carmakers and has recently announced a fuel cell electric crossover that will be introduced in the U.S. next year.

According to Hyundai Motor Groups president of R&D, Kwon Moon-sik, developing Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles rather than vehicles powered by batteries will help keep profits high. Lithium ion batteries are currently an expensive option with a low possibility of cost reduction in the future.

“There is no problem with the technology — only with the cost and profitability,” Kwon said of battery EVs. “We cannot make a profit with them.”

It is also predicted that the cost of producing fuel cell vehicles will decrease by half by 2020, further incentivizing Hyundai’s push.

The Hyundai fuel cell vehicle, which is a version of the Tucson compact crossover, will be produced in small numbers starting with 1,000 units for sale globally. With the lack of refueling stations throughout the U.S., California is trying to increase the number of hydrogen stations by opening 68 more stations by 2016, making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a more viable option.

Do you think the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the next big thing in alternative fuel?