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Hyundai India’s Royal Coffee Table Book Exploits Class Rift?

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Hyundai Living-the-Royal-Life Royal Coffee Table Book

Photo: Hyundai Motors India

India’s culture is still struggling to overcome the lasting effects of its exploitative caste system. Modern technology and global inter-connectedness have been shedding light on the unhealthy aspects of the class divides, slowly working to reconcile the prejudiced separation.

Unfortunately, class biases make for great sales techniques.

This brings up Hyundai India’s latest attempt to promote the refinement of the Santa Fe by shaping an elite status for the SUV in conjunction with a book entitled Living the Royal Life.

Unfortunately, the royal coffee table book might do more harm to Hyundai’s reputation with lower classes than good.

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Royal Coffee Table Book A Good Idea?

Hyundai India was breaking new ground with its “Life Is Brilliant” ad campaign, which appealed to customers of every status and walk of life. The numbers clearly indicated the success of its all-encompassing approach.

In a questionable move, Hyundai is now focusing on the nation’s opulent royal heritage by producing Living the Royal Life in order to promote the Santa Fe.
2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

In it, author Bob Rupani focuses on the lifestyles of several royal and noble Indian families, as well as their dynamic personalities that have influenced the nation’s arts, culture, and sports. He used the Santa Fe in his travels to interviews; during the interviews for the royal coffee table book, nobles test drove the Santa Fe, commenting on its luxury and technology.

“We are delighted to present this premium coffee table book which brings out the finer aspects and experiences of royal life,” stated Sales and Marketing director for Hyundai Motor India, Y J Ahn. “The Santa Fe is also a result of such finesse and showcases the highest standards of exclusive style and modern technology.”

Hyundai claims its approach and contents are in the best light, and we can’t acknowledge or deny that without reading the final product. Admittedly, India does have a “rich” history that should be honored, but it isn’t just about the wealthiest people–it’s about every community and aspect that make India what it is.

And books about how well-off a few people are, with word choice at press conferences like “exclusive,” “superior,” “elite,” and “royal,” don’t close the elitist gap in the culture or provide something most people can relate to.

Lorde can tell you that.

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