Hyundai Accent History

Hyundai Accent History

Hyundai Accent History


Hyundai introduced the Accent in 1994 with the intention of finding a niche in the subcompact segment. Since its introduction, the Accent has done just that, establishing itself as one of the most dependable cars in its segment, helping build a foundation for the South Korean carmaker in the North American market.

Early History

When the Hyundai Accent was first introduced, the subcompact replaced the Hyundai Excel worldwide, though depending on the market, the name of the vehicle varied. A completely redesigned Accent was introduced at the 2005 New York International Auto Show with new styling cues that helped the car reestablish itself in the growingly competitive subcompact segment.

Recent History

At first, the Accent was available with three different trim levels—GL, GLS, and GT—along with different body styles to showcase its versatility. Now in its fourth generation, the car is offered in either a sedan or hatchback body style, with the sedan only offered in the GLS trim, while the hatchback comes in either GS or SE trims.

Hyundai Accent Fun Facts

  • The Accent is known by a number of other names, which change depending on the country it is being sold in
  • The engine of the Accent is used in India’s Junior Formula series
  • Hyundai’s Accent World Rally Car competed from 2000 to 2003
  • Hybrid variant debuted at the 2005 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in Guangzhou, China

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