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Hyundai Wants to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture #BecauseFootball

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But you might get Super Bowl tickets in return...

Hyundai Facebook Profile Football NFL program competition

Thanks to multiple sponsorship deals, a heavy promotional push, and a portfolio of hilarious commercials, Hyundai and football are now inextricably intertwined in our minds.

Further cementing its presence within the sports community, Hyundai yet again is reaching out to fans to stir excitement. The automaker’s newest promotional campaign is called “Put Your Profile on the Line,” and if your Facebook profile wasn’t competitive enough already, Hyundai is taking your raving NFL dedication to the next level.

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Hyundai Facebook Profile Football NFL program competition logoThe way Hyundai’s Put Your Profile on the Line (PYPOTL) works is that participants start at the official website and connect with Facebook. Each week, you can challenge your friends–if they’re also participating in the program–who support rival NFL teams. After your and their teams face off, the results will determine who will have to change their Facebook profile picture. Both opponents will receive a link to the image of the losing participant’s profile picture with the winning team’s logo overlayed across it. As the season progresses, more digital “prizes” become available.

If this activity seems like just a way to challenge and embarrass your friends, there’s another perk for participating: each time you participate in a challenge, you’re entered to win Super Bowl LI tickets.

“We understand the NFL fans’ loyalty to their team, and with the Put Your Profile On The Line challenge, we’re tapping into that fan passion by providing fun ways for them to express it,” explained Paul Imhoff, director, Marketing Communications for Hyundai.

If you’re looking for a way to prove once and for all that yours is the best NFL team, sign up for Hyundai’s competition–and maybe win some tickets while you’re at it!

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