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Hyundai’s Mobility Vision: Giving You a Reason to Never Go Outdoors Anymore

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Hyundai Mobility Vision Smart House connected car room at CES

When science fiction meets interior decorating

Hyundai’s presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show last week was all about the future. Not content with simply producing cars that get you from Point A to Point B, the Korean car manufacturer is striving to change the automobile industry by blurring the line between mobility and connectivity. Whether that’s a self-driving electric vehicle or voice-activated remote controls, such innovations are propelling these machines into more aspects of our lives–including our homes.

The Road Ahead: Are self-driving cars an actual possibility?

The Future… as Hyundai Sees It

Hyundai Mobility Vision Smart House connected car room at CES concept drawingOne of the aspects of “mobility vision” that Hyundai shared at CES ’17 was its Smart House. While most ideas of a connected house don’t include the family car, this concept brought the car into the house by making it an open, accessible living space for daily use.

When the car is parked–or, rather, “docked”–its doors open fully to become an attached room of the house. When it’s time to drive, the door-wall simply closes and the driver/passengers are in a self-driving living space.

This uninterrupted transition from home to car to destination is, according to Hyundai, intentionally “blurring the line between mobility and customer’s living and working spaces.” Although many of us prefer to leave our work at work and not take it home with us, this fluid transition between home and car might actually be a practical use of space (after all, that square footage your car takes up when it’s parked at home is a waste).

On the other hand, it does raise some questions about impact and practicality. If you can go from home to car to destination without exiting a vehicle, is that healthy? What if a family owns more than one car; does that require installing more docking spaces? What if the vehicle is a pickup truck; is that too small of a living space?

While the idea of a car-connected Smart Home is well-intentioned, it’s still a long way off to becoming a reality.

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