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‘I Wanted to Catch the Sunset’-Woman Speeding at 8am

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Police have heard many excuses for why a person was speeding. Some fall back on an old classic and tell police that their wife just went into labor. Others sob about how their relative/friend/dog was sick or injured and they were just trying to get home right away. Some even blame their speeding on their hemorroids.

Police Officer

TMI, sir. TMI.

One Ontario woman, though, told police that she was dashing to her cottage in time to watch the sunset. This might be all right, even kind of nice in a Nicholas Sparks sort of way, if it weren’t for one very important detail—when the woman was pulled over, it was 8:20am.

Ocean Sunrise

Otherwise know as “definitely not sunset”

Obviously, the police officer was less than convinced, and since the woman was driving at nearly twice the speed limit (150 kph in an 80 kph zone), she was charged under Ontario’s racing legislation, with her license suspended and her car impounded for a week.

We think this was rather unfair of the officer–after all, the woman’s cottage could just be really, really far away. Or perhaps she is the owner of a high-powered telescope and was hoping to catch sunset on another planet. Then again, she might be driving a time travelling car that needs to reach 160 kph (slightly under 100 mph) to make the time jump.

skeptical eyebrow

We didn’t say it was likely, just that it might happen