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Idahoan Sues DoT for Telling Him He Needs a Registration, and It Gets Weirder

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Okay, this whole movement of people deciding that the laws of the place where they live don’t apply to them is getting out of hand. It was a little amusing to make fun of that woman that refused to identify herself to Maryland police as she sat in jail for 67 days, but now that Ammon Bundy and his people have brought more attention to the “sovereign citizen” movement, it is just starting to get annoying when people suddenly decide “nope, that’s enough of your inferior law that doesn’t let me do whatever I want to do.”

Today’s annoyance is named Peter Jensen, of Athol, Idaho. Jensen has decided that, since the Ten Commandments don’t say anything about him needing to have a license plate or register his vehicle, he doesn’t have to.

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Suggested new Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Waste Everybody’s Time
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Oh, and just to hit the law-ignoring person bingo, the constitution or something. He told local TV station KREM that “I have a constitutional right to drive freely without restriction, so I shouldn’t have to get a driver’s license, vehicle registration, so forth.”

You might recognize this as wrong. So did the Idaho Transportation Department, which is why they sent Jensen a letter telling him that, in the state of Idaho, he is not allowed to drive. Jensen replied to this stern command with a Commandment of his own—he sued the Department for $5.6 million. Well, not exactly the whole Department—he is just suing the employee that sent him the letter. And don’t think that the low-ranking government employee can get out of this by just paying Jensen with a briefcase of bills. Jensen is demanding that this money be delivered entirely in gold and silver coins, as he believes that US currency is “a fiction.”

Just writing that made me tired. I think it isn’t hard to predict how this will go. Jensen’s anti-legal claims will most likely drown in the system like the dinosaurs after the ark left an hour early, and will likely either pay to get registered or end up in jail for driving his unregistered car, finding out that, although he doesn’t feel accountable to the laws of the United States, the laws feel differently.

News Source: Jalopnik