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Improved Bluetooth Call Quality for 2019 Chevy Colorado

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2018 Chevrolet Colorado

If you currently own a 2018 or older Chevy Colorado, you probably love the brawn and off-roading capacity. It’s also likely that poor sound quality during Bluetooth phone calls is one of the gripes  you have about it. Good news — the 2019 Colorado promises to remedy this minor flaw. It’s just one of the exciting updates to anticipate for the new model year.

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A new second-mic system

Chevrolet is adding a second microphone to the 2019 Colorado, installing it in the headliner above the front passenger seat. Not only will it enable the front passenger to participate in a Bluetooth call, but this new system will increase the clarity of the driver’s voice to the recipient of the call. No more staticky connection on hands-free calls. It will also eliminate the hassle of turning off Bluetooth and grabbing your smartphone to initiate a conventional call. This will enable safer driving. It will also improve ownership satisfaction with the Colorado, as well as the overall ride experience.

Per GM Authority, the two-mic system will be a standard feature for all 2019 Colorado models that feature the Chevrolet Infotainment System 3 Plus, or an equivalent Chevy infotainment system version that has a navigation function.

The big takeaway

The 2019 Colorado’s addition of this new mic system is a testimony to Chevrolet’s focus on customer satisfaction. Ever since the model launched for the 2015 model year, the Bluetooth call quality has been problematic. As the trend of increased pickup and SUV sales continues, the 2019 Colorado is poised to attract even more fans in the days ahead. We await more news about the 2019 Colorado, as we await its official market release.

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News Source: GM Authority