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Indiana Man Reunited with His Chevrolet Corvette After 40 Years

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1969 chevy corvette manta ray
A classic Chevrolet Corvette is now back with its rightful owner
Photo: Jim Culp

Losing a car can have a devastating effect on the average American, as many U.S. workers rely on a steady form of transportation to get by. If you were a victim of car theft, you would be anxiously waiting to reunite with it.

Rex Hatton, an Indiana resident, had to wait 40 years to be reunited with his missing Chevrolet Corvette.

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Hatton bought the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray right after he left the military. The purchase used up most of the money Hatton had on hand.

Shortly after Hatton purchased it, the Corvette went missing. Hatton and his wife, Kay, searched for the car during the next several months, but eventually gave up on finding the missing vehicle.

Late last year, nearly four decades after the car was stolen, Hatton received a surprise call from the Ohio State Police. The man’s car had recently been found near Cleveland.

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When Hatton was finally reunited with his car last month, it looked quite a bit different from how he left it. The black Corvette now possessed a navy blue hue, and the seats had been worn out.

Hatton and his wife are working to have the car restored in time for their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. For the time being, however, Hatton is just happy to be reunited with his long-lost car.

“It feels like I am a young kid again — for five minutes until I start getting out, then I won’t be young anymore,” the proud Chevrolet Corvette owner stated.

News Source: WTHR 13