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Infiniti Presents New F1 Racing Video Series

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The Human Challenge in F1

Car racing is a lot more complicated than it looks when you’re watching it on TV. This is especially true in F1 Racing, which involves race cars that have no resemblance whatsoever to stock cars that you see on the road. Each one is designed purely for the speed and agility that racing requires, and, in the case of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team, each car competes in a multitude of different climates around Europe and the world.

To showcase the effort it takes to put a car on the track for race day and finish each competition, Infiniti has been releasing videos in its series titled The Human Challenge in F1. Each episode features a different member of the race team describing what their role is and what it’s like working as part of the race team. Check out the latest episode featuring Michael Manning, the Trackside Control Engineer.

In the video, Manning discusses the upcoming 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix, the next challenge for the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team. Daniel Riccardo, a member of the Infiniti team, is actually the defending champion heading into this weekend’s race. To catch the race on TV in the United States, tune in to CNBC on Sunday, July 26th at 8am ET.