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Intelligent Safety Button in the 2014 BMW X5

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BMW is well-known for its ability to remain at the forefront of automotive performance, but the German automaker is no slouch in terms of safety either.  BMW has pioneered several advanced safety features in recent years, and many of them are on full display in the all-new X5, including Frontal Collision Warning, Pedestrian Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Active Blind Detection.

These features were designed to keep drivers and passengers safe, but not every driver enjoys having their car chime at them when they don’t believe they have made a mistake, that’s why there is an Intelligent Safety Button in the 2014 BMW X5.

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WInslow BMW of Colorado Springs, COThe Intelligent Safety Button allows drivers to customize their safety features.  By pressing the button, the iDrive Control Display will display the Intelligent Safety Menu and from there, you can turn the features on or off, and even customize some of the warnings based on the distance you are from an approaching object.

Check out the video below for an in-depth description of the Intelligent Safety Button in the 2014 BMW X5, and let us know if you think having the ability to turn safety features on and off is a good idea.

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