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Internet Reacts Predictably to New ‘Top Gear’ Trailer

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From L-R: Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans (not that one), Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, and The Stig
Image: Twitter/Chris Evans (not that one)

If you’re a Top Gear fan, pause before you move ahead in our story and make a guess to yourself about how you think the internet reacted to the latest trailer for the BBC series’ reboot. Do you have it? Now you may proceed.

Back in February, we told you that BBC advertisers were given their first look at the new season of Top Gear, and that most of them seemed excited (according to the network, of course). Recently, the video was finally released to the general public to pass judgment on. The internet reacted exactly the way we predicted, with jeers and an overall negative response.

Take a look at the first footage of the new Top Gear for yourself before we go any further.

Social media lit up with fan reactions, and the loudest voices were overwhelmingly negative, with several users calling the BBC’s commercial as a great ad for Amazon Prime, the platform where the previous hosts of Top Gear will be setting up their new program. If you check out the original YouTube posting, you’ll see that 70,958 viewers have given the show a thumbs down rating, while only 15,214 have given the video a positive thumbs up.

In all fairness, some of the reviews found positive things in the trailer. User michael williams pointed out that Matt LeBlanc was doing OK, and several commenters agreed. One user, called Grammar Police, even gave a lukewarm thumbs up, saying they would give the show a chance, but had the lowest of expectations.

To those of you that made predictions at the beginning of the article, did the internet prove you right, or were you hoping for a more positive outcome?