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Is It Dangerous to Drive During an Eclipse?

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sunshine moon eclipse in sky while driving

Is it safe to drive during an eclipse?
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Seeing the moon cross in front of the sun is a mesmerizing celestial event that is a wonder to behold but requires caution when travelling on the road. You’re no doubt wondering if it’s dangerous to be driving your car when an eclipse is occurring–a fair question if you’re a careful driver who cares about traffic safety.

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Advice for Driving During an Eclipse

While it is certainly not illegal to drive during an eclipse, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure your safety on the road isn’t compromised during this occasion.

As magnificent of an event as eclipse is, if you happen to catch a glimpse of it, don’t turn your eyes away from the road to admire it. If you feel compelled to look at it (being careful not to stare directly at it to damage your eyes), pull over safely to the side of the road or a parking lot.

“It is imperative that…drivers maintain good focus on the road ahead rather than being tempted to catch a glimpse of the moon obscuring the sun and therefore not fully concentrating on what’s going on around them,” stated Simon Williams, a spokesperson for UK driving organization RAC during the 2013 eclipse. “The best advice has to be to either watch the eclipse from a safe place or watch it on the news later as the risk of doing it from the wheel could result in you becoming part of a nasty news story.”

An eclipse results in a temporary block of the sun and darkening of the sky, be prepared for road conditions to change by having your headlights on. This will give you added visibility and emphasize your presence to other drivers during the temporary dimming.

If you remain cautious and alert behind the wheel, it shouldn’t be dangerous to drive during an eclipse.

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Source: The Daily Mail