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Is it Possible to Play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ without Breaking the Law?

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BuzzFeedBlue Grand Theft Auto

As part of its BuzzFeedBlue channel, BuzzFeed decided to have a few seasoned Grand Theft Auto players attempt to complete three tasks in the game without breaking any laws.

Now, for anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto in the past, you know that is pretty much the exact opposite of the game’s purpose. The game features fist fights, police encounters, massive car accidents, and, well, grand theft auto.

“I’m fully expecting this to be very difficult,” said one player.

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The three players in the video were assigned three out of four possible tasks: getting their hair cut, seeing a movie, attend the fair, and go to the strip club. Only two out of the three players completed the tasks and every single one of them broke the law on multiple occasions.

Throughout the game, players pointed out the excessive nature of long red lights, the lack of crosswalks, and other characters picking fights. This begs the question: is it even possible to play Grand Theft Auto without breaking the law?

For these players, it wasn’t. Even the most cautious player broke four laws by the end of the game and, because of her law-abiding ways, she only completed two of the tasks in the process. She was unable to get her hair cut because she didn’t have the funds. Traditionally, players would rob other characters in the game in order to complete tasks, once again encouraging players to break the law.

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Of course, it’s probably possible to play Grand Theft Auto without breaking laws. However, not only would one have to be extremely skilled in vehicle maneuverability, but the player would also have to have extreme amounts of patience and serenity. The stressors in the game pressures players to pick fights with characters and drive on sidewalks to avoid traffic. But, in the end, whether or not players engage in that behavior is up to them.

Watch the full BuzzFeedBlue video here: