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Is This What The New Land Cruiser Will Look Like?

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If you’ve already viewed the video above, then you’ve already seen what appears to be a leaked specs sheet for a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser.

The images appear to disseminate from Instagram user hamad1two3, who has posted tons of individual images of what appears to be an authentic specs sheet. From what we can see, the Land Cruiser has a redone front fascia and a new lower bumper, and while direct images are not available, the technical sketches would suggest that there will be a new rear fascia and bumper as well.

هذي صورة التوقعية االي طلعت من فترة قريبة جدا من الصور اللي ف الكتالوج الياباني الرسمي . طبعا اكيد ف البداية الكل بيقول مب شي عقب كم شهر شوارع الخليج كلها الجديد .

A photo posted by @hamad1two3 on

Interestingly, the sheet also suggests that the new Land Cruiser will get the same 2.8-liter turbodiesel found in the newly-revealed 2016 Hilux. The current Land Cruiser sold in the US is only offered with a 5.7-liter V8, and while it’s unlikely that it will get a diesel engine, it could very well wind up with a smaller engine.

Of course, the images are all somewhat suspect, so we’ll likely wait until we see something a bit more definitive before we go all in on proclaiming this as the successor to the J200.