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Jacksonville Proposes Fine for Backing Car Into Driveway

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If you want to back your car into your driveway in Jacksonville, Florida, you better think twice—you might soon get fined. The Jacksonville City Council currently has a proposal pending that would make it illegal to back your car into your driveway unless its license plate information is clearly visible from the street.

The bill intends to crack down on those individuals that store cars that don’t work on their property. Many city code enforcement inspectors cannot write citations for abandoned vehicles because they need the license plate information. Because many people park unusable cars with the license facing away from the road—and because the inspectors cannot enter private property to get a closer look—the abandoned car goes without a ticket.

City Councilman Warren Jones clarifies in the bill that if a vehicle’s tag isn’t visible, the owner of the vehicle must write down the information from a vehicle’s tag with 2-inch tall letters and post it in a location that inspectors can easily see. This is also the case if an owner puts a cover on his or her vehicle.

This bill also prevents the outdoor storage of disabled refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances.

Do you think that the Jacksonville City Council has a right to dictate how you park your car in your driveway? Share your thoughts with The News Wheel below!

News Source: First Coast News