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Jeep Back on the Path to Sales Growth with a 2% Increase in January

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Jeep began the new year with strong sales performances from models like the Compass and Cherokee

The new Compass is gaining traction as the new year begins

2017 wasn’t exactly the best year for Jeep sales in the U.S. By the end of the year, Jeep had sold a total of 828,522 vehicles, an 11% decline from its sales during 2016.

Nevertheless, things seem to be shaping up for Jeep. At the end of January, Jeep sales were up 2% compared to a year prior.

During the first month of the year, Jeep sold a total of 59,703 vehicles. For comparison, Jeep sold a total of 58,415 vehicles during January of 2017.

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The most-improved sales performance came in the form of the recently-redesigned Jeep Compass. Jeep sold a total of 10,192 Compass vehicles last month.

Compared to the 3,164 Compass vehicles Jeep sold during the first month of 2017, this is a massive 222% sales increase. Of course, none of this should be too shocking, as the new Jeep Compass replaces both the previous Compass and the Jeep Patriot.

The Cherokee gained sales in January, whereas its larger cousin the Grand Cherokee lost sales during the same period

In lieu of an upcoming redesign for the Jeep Cherokee, sales for the model appeared to increase last month. Jeep Cherokee sales were up by 16%.

The larger Grand Cherokee remains Jeep’s best-selling model, with a total of 16,364 units sold. However, compared to the 17,301 Grand Cherokees Jeep sold in January of 2017, this constitutes a slight 5% sales decline.

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A much larger sales decline could be found with the Jeep Renegade. Jeep sold a total of 6,639 Renegade models last month, a 29% decline from the 9,365 units its sold a year prior.

Rounding out the Jeep lineup was the Wrangler. Wrangler sales stayed pretty stagnant, with only a slight 4% sales increase, although the newly-redesigned Wrangler should increase sales for the model as the year goes on.

You can explore the sales performance of the entire Jeep lineup in the chart below:

Jeep January 2018 Sales