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Jeep CJ5 Jump and Roll Video Almost Nets Driver a Darwin Award

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Still from the Jeep CJ5 jump and roll video

Still from the Jeep CJ5 jump and roll video

A video of a guy and his buddies having some fun in a Jeep CJ5 could very possibly have won the driver the coveted Darwin Award, had things not gone quite so fortuitously when his vehicle flipped. But, for better or worse, he lives on to potentially reproduce.

Jeep CJ5 Jump and Roll Video

There’s a pretty tense moment after the Jeep turns over, and the gang is unsure if their friend is hurt. But after the Jeep rolls right side up and the driver lets out a sustained “YEEEAAAAAHHH,” followed by a more subdued, “I’m okay,” everyone present reverts back to their Squidbillies-esque level of backwoods excitement. Even Mike’s dog, Madison, seems pretty pumped about the whole thing.


To us, it seems like something of a waste. The CJ5 is fairly hard to come by, and it’s a shame to see one damaged like this. Seems like a pretty big waste of money, too. Money that could have been spent on a better camera.

Via: Deadspin