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Jeep Crashes into Pool, Is Life of the Party

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Jeep Crashes into Pool, Is Life of the Party

Jeep Crashes into Pool, Is Life of the Party

The old adage goes, “You should wait at least half an hour after eating before getting into the pool.” The new one goes, “You should park your Jeep, get out of it, and change into a swimsuit before getting into the pool.” Apparently, no one told that to Cheryl Chapman of Lakewood, Ohio, who recently drove her Jeep through a fence and into Nancy Wilson’s pool, while Wilson was throwing her very first (and probably very last) pool party of the summer.

Jeep Crashes into Pool

Nancy Wilson sure knows how to throw a pool party.

When the Jeep crashed into the pool, Chris Sanford, a guest to the party and an experienced swimmer and diver, had just dived into the pool himself.

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“It sounded like an explosion went off. I turned around, and there was a Jeep behind me. I was like, what the hell is going on?” Sanford told 19 Action News. “I swam over and pulled the woman out of the car. Her safety belt was still on, so it was hard for me to get her out of the car. I swam her up and got her on the deck.”

Jeep Crashes into Pool

Chris Sanford’s swimming lessons sure paid off.

While no one was hurt (you know, except for the incredibly damaged pool and Chapman’s totaled Jeep), Chapman was charged with reckless operation of a vehicle, in addition to operating a vehicle while under the influence. It took a massive tow truck to get the Jeep out of the pool.

Jeep Crashes into Pool

Getting the Jeep out of the pool was like getting a toddler out of a toy store.

“It was like you were dreaming. I’ve never seen anything like that,” said pool owner, Wilson. “I’ve seen it in television and in movies, but I’ve never seen anything like that 10 feet from me.”

Wilson added, “She was in a hurry to get here! It’s not funny, but thank God no one was hurt. So, it can be amusing. You have to make it a little amusing; otherwise, it’s a disaster.”

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Just a few months back, a Chevy Camaro pulled the same stunt, plunging into a community pool. Maybe automakers need to stop focusing on self-driving cars and start putting their energies toward cars that can survive aquatic conditions, no?