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Jeep Grand Cherokee Named Best of the Southwest

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

The Jeep Grand Cherokee earned two awards at the Active Lifestyle Vehicle Competition

With beautiful, expansive desert landscapes and some rough and tumble mountains, the Southwest is the perfect terrain for the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s off-roading heart. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was named the inaugural Best of the Southwest Award winner by the Phoenix Automotive Press Association (PAPA).

The award was handed out during the 12th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle Competition. During this two-day competition, local members of the Phoenix-area media, including PAPA members, evaluated multiple cars, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks with a variety of tests. On the second day, the cars were also evaluated by more than 100 athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, helping determine whether the vehicles were suitable for an active lifestyle.

“The Jeep Grand Cherokee ticked all the boxes for our PAPA panel of automotive journalists as a durable go-anywhere vehicle with plenty of room for people and gear,” said Bob Golfen, automotive journalist and PAPA member. “PAPA jurors also were impressed by the Jeep’s premium interior and superior drivability, which make it an ideal all-around SUV for daily driving and vacation fun.”

Along with the Best of the Southwest Award, the Grand Cherokee Summit EcoDiesel also walked away from this year’s Active Lifestyle Vehicle awards with a win in the “Luxury Off-Road” category.

More Photos of the Jeep Grand Cherokee: