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Kia Named Highest Quality Brand by Auto Bild Magazine

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Kia was recognized by Auto Bild for its superior quality

Kia isn’t just kicking ass and taking names in the United States—it’s also establishing itself throughout the European market, making it a global force to be reckoned with.

The Korean carmaker was recently named as the best brand in the Quality Report 2015 published by Auto Bild magazine. This German magazine publishes this annual list rating the 20 leading automotive brands on the German market in customer satisfaction, reliability, and long-term quality. Kia was in the top position, tied with Mazda thanks to its overall average rating of 2.14 (on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the best).

To determine the ratings for each carmaker, Auto Bild uses seven sets of data. This includes the results of a Forsa customer satisfaction survey commissioned by the magazine; the number of vehicle recalls and incidences of remedial work; the latest TÜV report; and manufacturer’s warranties. The other categories are created by the magazine’s editors and include long-term vehicle results, garage test results, and an analysis of criticisms from the magazine’s “Kummerkasten” (agony column), where it receives more than 10,000 reader letters complaining about various cars.

One big contributor to Kia’s top place finish was its industry-leading seven-year manufacturer’s warranty in Europe. Because of this awesome warranty, the carmaker received the highest rating of 1 in the warranty category, making it the only carmaker to do so.