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Kia Partners with SiriusXM for the Ultimate EDM Festival Experience

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EDM Music Festival Stage and Audience
Photo: Benny Gaši

Summer concerts are about to get even more enjoyable thanks to Kia and SiriusXM, who partnered to provide EDM fans with the ultimate festival experience. The Kia Soul Station Powered by SiriusXM will allow guests to refresh and refuel their souls (pun definitely intended) in a fun way. While the station has already made its first appearance at the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa late last month, EDM fans will still have a chance to experience the Soul Station at the upcoming Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago (June 7-9) and the Electric Zoo Music Festival in New York City (Aug 30-Sep 1).

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“The Kia Soul has a long history of supporting and promoting cutting edge music, and we are thrilled to provide EDM music festival attendees with not only this one-of-a-kind music festival experience, but to also introduce them to an all-new species of the Kia Soul, the third-generation of our most iconic vehicle,” said Saad Chehab, Vice President of Marketing Communications for Kia Motors America.

Unless you’re a celebrity or a well-paid Instagram influencer, you probably won’t be one of the lucky few with a private room or shower accommodations at a music festival. Kia and SiriusXM knew this was the case, so they created a “Human Car Wash” with foam cannons, spinning brushes, and drying fans for all the normies. Nothing like having your own Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory moment!

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Of course, two Kia Soul vehicles will be on site at each festival for guests to explore. There will also be a wall of tablets near the Souls showcasing the SiriusXM All Access package and what it entails, such as its popular EDM channels like Diplo’s Revolution, BPM, and SiriusXM Chill. On top of all this excitement, hosts from the SiriusXM BPM channel will be on site at each festival interviewing festival performers.