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Kia Uses Jellybeans to Show Soul Is Roomier Than Honda Fit

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2016 Kia Soul Jellybean Commercial

Jellybeans are the newest unit of measurement in the car industry—kind of

When it comes to units of measurement, it’s likely one of the units you think of isn’t a jellybean. Well, that is, unless you’re Kia. Then, using jellybeans to measure things is a terrific idea.

In a new television spot for the 2016 Kia Soul, the South Korean carmaker has decided to take a completely out-of-the-box approach to measuring volume. Rather than simply using a tape measure or some other traditional method of measuring things, Kia decides to pour millions of jellybeans into the 2016 Soul and the 2016 Honda Fit—just to show that the Soul has more interior room.

Really. Since when was measuring things so tasty?

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WATCH: See The Kia Soul Full of Jellybeans

The 30-second television commercial starts out normal enough with a white Soul and a white Fit sitting next to each other under their own respective tubes. Turns out, these tubes are the funnels used to fill the cars with jellybeans. After a bright green button is pushed, multi-colored jellybeans rocket down the tube, into each car’s sunroof, and they quickly fill up. Suddenly, these nuggets of sugary goodness start to spill out of the Honda Fit—even though the Soul’s jellybeans haven’t even reached the top yet.

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According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the commercials, this comparison is between a 2016 Soul ! (exclaim) model with the Premium Package and the 2016 Honda Fit EX-L. The Soul model has a total interior volume of 121 cubic feet, while the Fit has a total interior volume of 110.4 cubic feet.

While using jellybeans isn’t the most conventional way of measuring the two cars, it gets the job done—after all, who doesn’t love them?