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Kimmel Introduces Us to the Chevy Rage, the Car That Gets Mad For You

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Chevy Rage

Jimmy Kimmel ran a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week wherein he began by discussing the in-car emotion-detecting camera system being developed by EPFL’s Signal Processing 5 Laboratory (LTS5) in partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroen. Yes, this is actually a thing.

What is not actually a thing is the Chevy Rage, which Kimmel subsequently introduced as a vehicle that not only reads the anger on your face, but acts upon it. How does it act upon your all-consuming rage? By simply pressing the Power button on your center console, you access a 120 decibel PA system that is fully autonomous and capable of insulting people who cross the street without looking and absent-mindedly apply makeup from behind the wheel of their Prius.

And as if the Rage feature wasn’t enough for this rebadged ninth-generation Impala, it also boasts an Iceman function, which unleashes former UFC Lightweight Champion Chuck Liddell, who has conveniently been hanging out in your truck with a crowbar in order to administer some not-quite-Octagon-legal beatdowns. Of course, the fake ad for the fake car makes mention of the fact that Liddell only comes available in select trims.

Kind of makes you wonder if base model versions of the Chevy Rage get Fred Ettish. It’s not like he’s really doing much of anything these days anyway.

We want to hear from you: what is the worst example of road rage that you’ve ever seen?