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Koala Causes Adorable Traffic Jam

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Koala traffic jam

Koalas are adorable, at least when they are cute and fluffy (we dare you to not be scared by a wet koala). Recently, though, one koala put its cuteness to the test when it decided to block traffic on an Australian highway. You can check out the incident in the video below.

Not only is the fluffy animal blocking the road, it seems to be having a really good time doing it. The koala jumps all over the road, walking down the line of stopped cars and doing a bit of a hop dance. While it seems that the koala is having a grand time, it’s actually trying to get away from the policeman who is leisurely strolling toward it, trying to steer it away from the asphalt. The video ends as the koala ambles towards the grass on the side of the road.

While the woman inside the car filming the whole incident seems amused by the traffic jam playing out before her, she doesn’t seem to fully understand how lucky she is. Koalas can be awesome, but they are also known for attacking humans when they get too close. We might have made fun of the police officer for not keeping up with this tiny dancer, but in reality he was probably trying to give the animal some space to figure out what it wanted to do .

Whenever you encounter a wild animal on the road or elsewhere, always approach the situation with caution. While the animal might look adorable, it is probably terrified of you and may try to lash out.

Koalafied To Drive