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Leopard-Print Corvette Is Hot, HOT, HAAAWT

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1971 Chevy Corvette C3 with leopard skin paint job

Dat red-eyed tree frog license plate, tho

This 1971 Chevy Corvette C3 with a custom leopard-skin paint job is more than just eye-catching. It is, in the immortal words of Ruby Rhod, hot, hot, HAAAAWWT!

And yet, somehow, unable to attract a buyer

The classic car did actually receive a $6,600 bid on eBay, but that wasn’t enough to meet the reserve set on this “ONE OF A KIND TROPHEY [sic] WINNER.” Now the bidding has ended, and the leopard Corvette, quite shockingly, remains unsold.

Leopard-print Corvette

The ‘Vette, which was hand-painted by a Florida artist in 1996, comes with working lights and wipers, a CB cassette radio, metal custom armrest, new carpet, a tilt steering wheel, a busted odometer, and an estimated 105,000 miles under its belt. According to the listing, a disability has kept the seller from driving the car, meaning it has sat idle for the past seven or eight years.

So it’s not in mint condition, but with a little work, some guy who loves American muscle cars as much as he loves African jungle cats could get this thing up and running in no time. Hopefully this car will be put up for auction again and eventually go to a good home.

In terms of other feline-themed automobiles, we think that the Leopard Corvette looks quite a bit better than the Bengals Van, though not quite as nice as the Purrari.

Via: GM Authority