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Lexus Cars See Sales Success as Lexus SUV Sales Decline During January

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Sales for the Lexus lineup of SUVs fell 6.6 percent during January, while Lexus' cars experienced a sales increase of 7.2 percent

2019 Lexus ES
It was actually Lexus’ sedans that found sales success in January
Photo: Lexus

Crossovers and SUVs are currently the bread and butter of most automotive brands. Yet, the story was somewhat different for Lexus last month.

Instead, sales for the Lexus lineup of SUVs were down 6.6 percent, while sales for Lexus’ cars were up 7.2 percent.

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In January of 2018, Lexus sold 12,896 crossover and SUV models. That number fell to 12,040 vehicles during the first month of 2019.

The Lexus SUV to lose the most sales was the Lexus LX. The priciest of Lexus’ SUVs, the LX saw sales shrink from 364 units to 251 units, a loss of 31 percent.

However, the latest Lexus crossover, the Lexus UX, brought in some major sales for the brand. By the end of the month, Lexus sold 791 UX vehicles.

2019 Lexus UX
Not every Lexus SUV suffered sales losses last month
Photo: Lexus

Lexus sold far fewer cars than SUVs in January, with 5,380 sales for the segment. Still, that accounts for an impressive 7.2 percent sales growth compared to the first month of 2018.

Much of this improvement was due to the Lexus ES. One of Lexus’ more affordable models, ES sales shot up from 2,640 units during January of 2018 to 3,144 units last month, a sales increase of 19.1 percent.

Still, it was the Lexus LS that saw the best year-over-year improvement. During January of 2018, Lexus only managed to sell 116 LS vehicles. Last month, those numbers grew to 508 units, a 337.9 percent increase.

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By the end of last month, Lexus had successfully sold 17,420 units. That’s not too far off from the 17,914 units it sold during the first month of 2018, accounting for an overall sales loss of 2.8 percent.

Some sales losses were to be expected, due to last month’s polar vortex and the partial government shutdown. With those factors out of the way, Lexus’ February sales should hopefully show some improvement.