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Lexus Moves Forward With No-Haggle Pricing Pilot

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2016 Lexus LX

Many shoppers think that the negotiation phase of buying a car is the most difficult part of the whole process. There is always the voice in the back of your head wondering if you paid too much for the vehicle, or if you truly did get a fair price. To soothe the worries of buyers, Lexus is considering moving to a no-haggle pricing plan. The price you see on the car is the price you pay, and there are no worries.

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Before the program can even think about rolling out nationwide, Lexus is going to bring it to 11 dealerships around the country. Called Lexus Plus, it will first appear at one dealership in mid-May, and then move to ten new stores by July. One major disadvantage of the rollout, however, is that a dealership using Lexus Plus pricing is not necessarily going to be the dealership with the lowest price in the area. That could definitely make an impact on the effectiveness of the program, especially since the automaker hasn’t decided if the program will become mandatory, or if a dealership would opt-in.

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While they might not be guaranteed the lowest price on a car, Lexus thinks that shoppers will feel more confident that what they are paying is fair. Cutting out negotiation will also shorten the amount of time required to finalize a car sale. Lexus tells Edmunds that it will encourage dealerships to use this program as a way to change the way the sales process works. Instead of a sales person passing a customer off to several different employees to finish paperwork, one employee will be with them through the whole process.

Scion, the departing sister brand to Lexus, also used simple pricing to put buyers at ease. Time will tell if this is an idea that can roll out nationwide.

News Source: Edmunds