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Lincoln Designer, Father of Newborn Triplets Loves Convenience of New Navigator

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2018 Lincoln Black Label Navigator L Destination (4)

The saying goes that everything changes once you’ve had kids. You start to see things in a different light, you begin to notice things that may have otherwise passed right out of your periphery, and things that you once had little use for are suddenly super important. Does this apply to vehicles somehow? Yes! Specifically, the Lincoln Navigator.

For you see, Lincoln Designer Ryan Niemiec recently discovered that he and his wife would see their family grow by three with the addition of triplets Alessandra, Gabriella, and Charlotte. The realization that space would become an imperative helped alter Niemiec’s perspective as he set about the task of helping design the all-new Lincoln Navigator.

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“My mindset changed,” said Niemiec. “No longer was I just creating a beautiful environment to be enjoyed and used by the customer.  Now I understood in a more intimate way all the aspects of how the space could be used and why people need a larger vehicle—not just by listening to customers but by becoming one of the customers myself.”

Niemiec, who drives an extended-length Ford Expedition, is now also considering getting the very SUV he helped create as its size is now a must-have.

“It’s no longer something that would just be nice to have,” he said. “I need it because of the number of kids I have and all of the gear I have to pack and carry.”

Ryan and Dana Niemiec with Triplets

Just as important is the fact that his wife Dana, a part-timer for Ford Product Planning, also loves the convenience and comfort of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator L.

“I can have a car seat in the second row and still push that seat forward and tilt it up so I can access the third row.  That’s an awesome new feature,” she said. “With the Expedition, I have to get in through the door, climb through the captain’s chairs and crouch down to load the babies into the third row. And I have to have someone hand me the babies because I can’t climb in carrying a little one.”

You got a bunch of kids or a bunch on the way? Take it from an automotive design expert and father of four: the new Lincoln Navigator is ideal for your circumstances.

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Via: @FordOnline