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Lincoln Miles Lease Program Announced

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Lincoln Miles

Ford today announced a unique new lease pilot in Austin, Texas that will allow three to six people to share a vehicle over a 24-month span. Not to be outdone, Lincoln Automotive Financial Services announced a lease pilot of its own called Lincoln Miles.

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Lease clients across the United States will be asked to join the Lincoln Miles program by the end of January, largely as a means of customer retention. In essence, customers using Lincoln Miles will monitor daily mileage with the hopes of coming in under the pre-determined mile allowance on a lease. Depending on the total of unused miles, the lessee will receive a $100-$1,000 credit toward their next Lincoln lease or purchase.

“Clients will be able to see at any time where they stand compared with the mileage chosen on their lease agreement—along with a regularly updated projection of their lease-end mileage,” said Lee Jelenic, director of Future Digital and Product Development. “This can help clients manage their miles and earn credits for unused miles.”

The Lincoln Miles program is being offered to clients with between 10 and 25 months remaining on their lease agreements and are leasing an MKC, MKX, or MKZ with an embedded modem.

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