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Lincoln October Sales Up 25%, MKC Still Killing It

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Lincoln October sales

Lincoln October sales climb because the 2015 MKC is still killing it

Don’t look now, but things are starting to take on a particularly rose-colored hue for Lincoln. Just a week after the luxury brand made its long-awaited debut in China and found itself at the center of a great deal of attention brought about by Jim Carrey’s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, Lincoln announced that brand sales were up 25% in October. The 8,883 unit performance amounts to the best Lincoln October sales mark since 2007, thanks in large part to—you guessed it—the 2015 MKC.

As has been very much the norm for Lincoln over the last several months, sales of Lincoln cars were down double digits. The MKZ, despite leading the brand in volume, was down 13.8% with 2,508 units sold. The MKS moved a mere 524 units, down 43%, further positioning itself as the premier candidate for revitalization/outright replacement in the near future.

Lincoln utilities were up once more on the strength of the new brand superstar, the MKC. The focus of the Matthew McConaughey ads threw in its best month so far with 2,197 models sold, bringing its to-date tally to 8,615 models. The MKC continues to close the gap with the MKZ, standing poised to possibly take the position of Lincoln’s volume leader by year’s end.

The Lincoln Navigator was also up in October with sales of 1,320 units (+38.4% year-over-year), the MKX added 1,996 units (-1.3% year-over-year), and the MKT added 338 units (+3.4% year-over-year).

To date, Lincoln sales total 76,671 units, up 14.5% over sales through October 2013.