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Lincoln Patents 30-Way Seats for Continental Concept

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Lincoln Continental Concept’s 30-Way Seats

Lincoln Continental Concept’s 30-Way Seats

Lincoln is moving forward with its plans of replacing the current MKS with the long-awaited return of the Continental nameplate. Thus, it stands to reason that a fair amount of that eventual production version will be heavily influenced by the Continental Concept which debuted earlier this year at the New York Auto Show.

To help get everyone a bit more hyped for the return of the Continental, Lincoln is taking a look at some of the features of the concept car that may or may not wind up in the final product–features like 30-way seats.

Video: Lincoln Continental Concept’s 30-Way Seats

“The next frontier to serve the luxury automotive client is a seat that conforms to and supports the body—a seat that feels as if it were personally tailored for you each time,” said Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert.

“The new design of the Lincoln 30-way seats goes beyond the one-size-fits-all design seen in the past. It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.”

Lincoln based the design of the 30-way seats on those found in luxury airliners, going for a feeling of ultimate comfort and customization. The seats support the lower body and legs with independently-adjustable extending thigh cushions, which can be extended in order to prevent leg fatigue on longer drives.

The seats also offer massage functions in the back and cushion, and they can be heated and cooled. In all, Lincoln has thus far disclosed 50 patents related to its 30-way seats, and it says there are more than 100 patents under review and/or that have yet to be disclosed.

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