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Lincoln Teams With Tasting Table to Promote 2017 Continental

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A 2017 Lincoln Continental parked outside of the Atlanta steakhouse American Cut

A 2017 Lincoln Continental parked outside of the Atlanta steakhouse American Cut

Last night, the Lincoln Motor Company kicked off its new collaboration with multimedia content provider Tasting Table with an evening at the Regent Cocktail Club on the rooftop terrace of Atlanta’s American Cut steakhouse.

It was an appropriately fancy-schmancy launching pad for the new partnership, which is focused on introducing the all-new Lincoln Continental flagship sedan at similarly upscale venues in major cities throughout the US.

“Tasting Table is proud to collaborate with Lincoln to showcase the new Continental,” said Geoff Bartakovics, cofounder and CEO of the culinary-based media entity. “It’s the perfect vehicle for finding inspiration out in the world and bringing it back home.”

The Continental has a starring role in Tasting Table’s new video series, “I Know a Place,” in which Bartakovics visits friends in some of America’s best food cities and checks out the best restaurants each locale has to offer.

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The first entry in the series features Bartakovics and his fashionable friend feasting on fresh gnocchi at L’Artusi, an Italian restaurant in New York’s West Village. You can watch the video here.

“In an increasingly complicated, noisy world, it’s a simple pleasure to find a sense of quiet, understated luxury in a modern, high-tech vehicle,” Bartakovics says of the Continental he drives in the videos.

Additionally, the Lincoln Continental will remain on display in front of the American Cut restaurant in Atlanta, where guests will be invited to learn more about the vehicle.

“Creating warm, human, personally crafted experiences for our guests is very important for Lincoln,” says John Emmert, group marketing manager for the Lincoln Motor Company. “As fans of Tasting Table, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Geoff Bartakovics and his culinary platform to bring our ever-curious guests on the ultimate epicurean journey. And we’re delighted, of course, that the all-new Continental will be at the heart of those memories.”

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