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Lincoln’s “Luxury Uncovered” Campaign Shows Shift Back to Product

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Lincoln’s “Luxury Uncovered” Campaign

Lincoln’s “Luxury Uncovered” Campaign kicks off!

Lincoln has been obsessively attempting to rebuild the brand name and cement it once again as a true luxury marquee on the American new car marketplace. It’s been more than a year-long process, aided by things like the Lincoln Reimagine Project, but eventually you have to walk the talk. With Lincoln’s “Luxury Uncovered” Campaign, focusing specifically on the new Lincoln MKZ, it’s apparent that’s what the manufacturer is now prepared to back up the claims with hard and fast evidence.

Not that the rebranding project was a total failure, but Lincoln Group Marketing Manager Andrew Frick admits “we learned some things. One is that starting with the overall Lincoln brand as the first point wasn’t as successful as diving into the nameplates themselves.” The “Luxury Uncovered” campaign proves this shift in emphasis—it’s a series of comparative ads pitching the Lincoln MKZ against competition from cars like the Lexus ES.

As Lincoln shifts from brand to product, we should look forward to seeing more products introduced. Right now, the MKZ remains the sole redesigned vehicle being marketed on Lincoln’s shiny new brand image.

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