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Lincoln’s October Sales Surge 30 Percent Thanks to New Ads

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Lincoln’s October sales

Lincoln’s October sales skyrocket thanks to the all-new MKZ

Good advertising can make or break you in the car industry.  Ensuring that potential new car buyers know about your product and are intrigued by it is an effective way to raise your sales month to month, especially as the holiday season approaches.  No company knows this better than Ford Motor Company, whose “Luxury Uncovered” ad campaign has proven a significant contributor to a 30 percent surge in Lincoln’s October sales.

The ad campaign, which features potential Lincoln customers interviewing the 2014 Lincoln MKZ sedan, was introduced on October 9.  Since then, MKZ sales have skyrocketed, increasing 70 percent from October sales last year.

“We are very happy that we got engaged in October versus waiting for ‘Wish List’ [Lincoln’s annual holiday sales event],” said Kevin Cour, Lincoln’s sales and service operations manager.  “The campaign is now seeded in the market, and as people begin their purchase consideration, Lincoln can be a bigger part of the conversation.”

With the 2014 MKZ being only the first of four new Lincoln models Ford Motor Company plans on introducing within the next four years, we think we’re going to be seeing a lot more great advertising from the American carmaker.  And if Lincoln’s October sales figures are any indicator, it won’t be the last we hear of their success.