The Detroit Auto Show Dates and Details

North American International Auto Show logo

North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI.

The North American International Auto Show (also called the Detroit Auto Show, since it takes place in Detroit, or NAIAS, because spitting out “North American International Auto Show” takes almost as long as it does to actually attend it) is the most hyped up auto show to take place on American soil.

Coming straight out of the driving force of the American automotive industry, it is the site at which automakers unveil the biggest concept and production models to appear on the North American market in the coming years.

But it’s more than just a car show. In fact, it’s a more-than-a-week long event filled with food, music, games, and more that make it the perfect destination for a family trip if you’ve got any car-crazed kids (or if you yourself have got a car obsession big enough to fuel the entire family).

Want to check out the next North American International Auto Show? Here’s when and where you’ll need to go:

Where: Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Auto Show Dates:  January 13-26, 2014

More information: North American International Auto Show

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